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Tierra Garden 50-2510 Haxnicks Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse, Large

INSTANT GREENHOUSE – Our Haxnicks Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse is an exciting, dome-shaped, instant plant house/conservatory The Haxnicks Sunbubble Greenhouse is easy to set up, easy to move and easy to store Our unique, patented one-piece folding design means you can have a beautiful, quality greenhouse in your garden in just minutes

ADJUSTABLE – The Sunbubble is built to work for you Featuring adjustable vents that let you adjust the temperature to optimal growing conditions and a strong, zipped doorway to keep nosy pets at bay, you can personalize your Sunbubble Greenhouse to meet your needs When you're taking a break, pack the greenhouse away in the sturdy storage bag for safekeeping

INNOVATIVE DESIGN – The innovative dome shape provides ample room for plants and greenhouse staging Made from UV stabilized PVC and flexible fiberglass rods, Sunbubble is both sturdy and adaptable to your gardening and outdoor needs

MAXIMUM SUNLIGHT – Sunbubble Greenhouse makes it easier than ever to keep your plants happily outdoors in the sun! The curved shape of the Sunbubble makes it warm up quicker than a traditional greenhouse Because of the curve, the surface stays at 90 Degrees to the direction of the sun all day long, achieving minimum reflection and maximum penetration of light

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Question: How well does it hold up to wind?
Answer: Mine blew away. We had over 60 mph winds. The wind was so strong, that a neighbor quite away from me brought it back to me. I would use long rebar with the hook at the end to secure it if you have bad winds. I did love it up to that point.

Question: Has the greenhouse ever gotten too hot in winter? How much do the vents help?
Answer: We live in Pennsylvania and we have had the vents open a few times even in the dead of winter. It depends on how long and how full the sun is out

Question: I just purchased one. Love it but temps are dropping at night necessitating a heater in it. How do other heat theirs? Am concerned about power outage
Answer: Heater with thermostat set at 60

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