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【Home Improvement】Chateau 40.94'' W Electric Fireplace


Q:"How loud (db) is the blower when in operation?" asked by Cher

A:"It is approximately 43 decibels."

Q:"I won’t have enough of the 69" cord to plug into the wall outlet so I have to get an adapter outlet that has 6/3 prong plugs and I would need a 3' 12.5 amp extension cord will that be allowed?" asked by Roberta

A:"This unit should not be plugged into an extension cord, power strip, or surge protector so we cannot advise doing this set up as plugging this into anything other than directly to the wall outlet is not recommended."

Q:"Is this LED light replaceable?" asked by Diane

A:"This is LED, with no lightbulbs that ever need to be replaced."

Q:"Which side is the cord?" asked by Sarah

A:"If you are looking at it from the back, it is on the left-hand side."

Q:"Do you have suggestions on how I can make this taller?" asked by Angela

A:"We do not recommend modifying the unit in any way."

Q:"Can I install some device on this item?" asked by Richard

A:"The fireplace does not require any installation."

Q:"What is the warranty?" asked by Helga

A:"This has a 1-year limited warranty."

Q:"Do the flames look fake?" asked by Angela


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